a solar landscape light how to choose the right one

There is a wide variety of solar yard light fixtures that are available to homeowners. Although this provides the luxury of choice, it can often create a feeling of frustration, confusion or at worst, selecting the wrong solar landscape light for your requirement. To make an informed decision, it is important to review the major criteria that can impact your choice. There are essentially four areas that must be investigated to provide you with the appropriate knowledge to allow you to make the right selection.
Solar Panel - Built-in or External
A solar panel is the mechanism that captures the rays of the sun and converts it to usable electrical power for the solar fixture. A solar panel can be built into the solar landscape light or it can be housed externally and connected to the solar fixture with a small strand of wire. An external solar panel allows he homeowner to position the panel in direct sunlight while positioning the solar fixture in a shaded area. Deciding which type to use is dependent on whether the fixture will receive the necessary sunlight during the day. If the fixture is being used in an area that is shaded during the day, an external panel should be used. If the fixture is fully exposed to the sunshine throughout the day, a built-in solar panel will be a good choice.
Intensity and Brightness
Outside solar lights come with different levels of intensity and brightness. The area that is being lit will determine the amount of intensity and brightness that is required. A solar landscape light must be bright enough to safely illuminate walkways, driveways, decks, pool areas and stairways. Security lighting at entrance ways should have illumination that is both intense and bright to safeguard the home from intruders. Softer lighting can be used to illuminate garden areas, shrubs, ponds and yard ornaments. It is extremely important to review these elements and determine whether they will meet your requirements.
Mounting Choices
There are a wide amount of mounting styles that can be used for solar yard light fixtures. The major designs and what they are used for are listed below.
1. A spiked post fixture can be used for spot and flood illumination of the yard, garden areas, shrub areas, pathways and pool-areas.